Naughty Boy pulls the plug on his much-hyped duet with Gemma Collins


NAUGHTY Boy has pulled the plug on his much-hyped duet with unlikely pal Gemma Collins.

It comes as the star puts the finishing touches to his album Heart Land.

He said: “I love the GC. I was going to do something with her as she can sing, but I have my priorities. 

“I think she has potential but it has to come from her.

“She has to really want it. I wish her all the best with it.”

We imagine his bosses at Universal must be breathing a huge sigh of relief.

As well as supporting Dementia UK’s Lives On Hold campaign, the music A-lister has been busy at home, caring for his mum.

He added: “I wish I was married with kids because it would have made it easier to care for her and I could have had more support.”

There’s still time . . .

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