Netflix’s Tiger King 2 is aimless, aimless, and shameless.


Netflix’s Tiger King 2 is a haphazard, aimless, and shameless film.

It’s difficult to know who to trust in a world where everyone lies.

It’s a frustrating, perplexing, and exhausting watch.

When Tiger King – the Netflix documentary about Joe Exotic and his plot to murder rival Carole Baskin – first aired in March of last year, it was difficult to pinpoint exactly why it captivated the world’s attention.

Perhaps it was the series’ outrageous, twisting case, or perhaps it was Exotic himself – a self-described “gay hillbilly” with an ego that knows no bounds.

Maybe it was the fact that we were all cooped up in our homes, needing to be distracted from the deadly virus sweeping the globe.

Whatever the case may be, the show was such a hit that it was only a matter of time before Netflix enlisted the help of filmmakers Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin to create a sequel.

No, it’s not necessary, but when has that ever stopped Netflix from making a quick buck?

Tiger King 2, a new five-part series, is a shambles.

The story jumps from Exotic’s plight (he’s currently serving a 22-year sentence for animal abuse and attempted murder for hire) to the conspiracy theory that his nemesis Baskin murdered her ex-husband, Don Lewis. It’s aimless and perplexing.

When it comes to making a sequel, Goode and Chaiklin have hit a major stumbling block: they’re going over old ground.

The original was such a hit that news of Joe Exotic’s incarceration, legal battle, and the fate of his park was broadcast in real time on the news and social media.

Only those who are still addicted to Exotic will enjoy this second series, even though there isn’t much new to learn.

The show spends an excessive amount of time investigating the claim that Baskin, who doesn’t appear and tried to sue Netflix for using her image, is a murderer, culminating in a scene in which Lewis’s grieving children hire a “psychic investigator” to find their father’s last location.

It’s exploitative and difficult to watch, like much of the rest of the show.

In this show, no one can be forgiven.

Tim Stark, a big cat trader, Exotic’s former business partner Jeff Lowe, his wife Laura, and sleazy lawyer John Phillips are among the suspects.

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Netflix’s Tiger King 2 is aimless, purposeless, and shameless.

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Tiger King 2, Netflix: Directionless, purposeless and shameless

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