Nina Dobrev, Hugh Jackman, and Others Who Work Out With Their Pets


Nina Dobrev, Hugh Jackman, and Other Celebrities Who Work Out With Their Pets

While many people consider working out to be a solitary activity, many celebrities bring a four-legged companion along for moral support.

Nina Dobrev captioned a January 2022 Instagram Story photo of her golden-colored dog lying on her chest as she did some stretches with the caption “Puppies and Pilates.”

The Vampire Diaries star’s puppy came to her rescue during another daily sweat session the next day.

“I feel like she’s picking my nose for me,” the Bulgarian explained as the dog licked her face mid-workout on Instagram Story.

“Wow, that’s a long way down.”

“She can’t stay away,” she captioned the video.

“She just fed me my own boogers,” I explained.

While the loyal dog continued to lick Dobrev, the actress continued to stretch without pausing.

The former Fam star has previously expressed her love for puppies as a source of fitness inspiration.

“I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with her.”

We’re inextricably linked.

So, whenever I go to the gym, I bring her,” she told Coveteur in July 2017 about her pet.

“For the most part, she just goes about her business and disrupts a lot of the workouts.”

She did something similar today during [a BODYFLOW workout].

She was licking everyone in the ground positions, if you noticed! [Sometimes] I’ll veto the weights and use her instead.

I can lift her while doing lunges because she’s about 15 pounds.

She’s not bothered by it.”

Dobrev isn’t the only celebrity who has incorporated a pet into her workout routine.

“I’m new to yoga.”

Sophie Turner explained in an April 2019 video for British Vogue, “I had actually been told by a doctor not to do yoga, but I made an excuse for the goats,” while trying the popular goat yoga trend for the first time.

“The ecstasy I felt all over my body when I saw the goats walk in was complete and total ecstasy.”

“I’ve never felt so passionate about anything in my life,” the England native continued.

Never, ever.

And I was proposed to [by now-husband Joe Jonas], which wasn’t even the best day of my life — this was.”

Ashley Benson, for one, is equally enthused.

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Stars Who Work Out With Their Pets: Nina Dobrev, Hugh Jackman and More

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