No, Sam Heughan Isn’t Caitriona Balfe’s Father, and Other ‘Outlander’ ‘Crazies’


No, Sam Heughan Isn’t the Father of Caitriona Balfe’s Son, and Other ‘Outlander’ Fan Theories


Some Outlander fans believe Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are a real-life couple thanks to their on-screen chemistry.

Balfe has described a small group of vocal fans as “those crazies” who have shared some seriously crazy theories about the duo who have played Jamie and Claire Fraser for five seasons and counting.

Balfe and Heughan have both stated in the past that they are not a real-life couple and have never dated.

Rather, they are simply good friends.

“A small vocal group really wanted [Sam and I to get together], which is just a testament to the characters we play, that the love story is so inspiring and aspirational that people really wanted to believe in it.”

In 2018, Balfe told Parade, “And that’s a nice thing.”

Balfe talked about how her life has changed since she became famous thanks to Outlander in a recent Vanity Fair cover story.

And there’s the fervent — and sometimes obsessive — fandom that comes with starring in Diana Gabaldon’s long-running book series.

Some fans believe Balfe’s 2019 wedding to music producer Tony McGill is a hoax, according to her.

Some even went so far as to call the church where she and McGill were married to verify the marriage because they didn’t believe it was real.

Private investigators have been hired to “solve” the case and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she and Heughan are involved off-screen, according to the 42-year-old.

Balfe surprised fans when she announced on Instagram in the summer of 2021 that she had given birth to her first child.

The Irish beauty claims she never told her family, friends, or coworkers about it.

She, on the other hand, avoided discussing her pregnancy on social media.

Because of Balfe’s secrecy, some fans believed that Heughan, not McGill, was the father of her son.

They also cited ostensible “clues” that bolstered the conspiracy theory.

The bed sheets in the baby photo Balfe took of her son’s tiny hand looked eerily similar to sheets in a photo Heughan posted, according to these stans.

Balfe claims to be a very open person.

She, on the other hand, saw no reason to announce her pregnancy on social media, let alone provide any updates.

“I wasn’t hiding my pregnancy,” Balfe says….

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