Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Foods Were Featured on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ More Than Once


Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Foods Were Featured on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Several Times

Everybody Loves Raymond was a nine-season sitcom that aired on ABC.

Ray and Debra Barone are a married couple navigating life with three children and Ray’s overbearing family.

The series is notable for a variety of reasons, but one of the best aspects of the show, according to fans, is the Thanksgiving episodes.

Almost every year, the show aired an episode that was almost entirely dedicated to the holiday.

Everybody Loves Raymond featured non-traditional Thanksgiving fare on several occasions.

Are there any dishes that stand out in your mind?

Raymond kicked things off in the mid-1990s with Everybody Loves Raymond.

During the first season of the show, the writers created a Thanksgiving episode that perfectly captured the struggle that families face when trying to establish new traditions.

Marie Barone and Debra clash in episode 9, “Turkey or Fish?” when they each attempt to serve their own version of Thanksgiving dinner.

Debra brings something a little more exotic to the party, while Marie brings a traditional turkey.

She cooked bass instead of poultry for her Thanksgiving dinner.

It was mostly a success, too, with the exception of Frank Barone choking on a fishbone during the meal.

Even Marie admits that it was delectable.

In the season 3 episode “No Fat,” the Barones have another non-traditional Thanksgiving feast.

Marie embarks on a health kick after learning at a health fair that her cholesterol was dangerously high.

To Frank Barone’s chagrin, she decides to throw out all of her family’s favorite treats and replace them with low-fat alternatives.

When Marie decided to serve a low-fat Thanksgiving dinner, Robert Barone and Ray became embroiled in the feud.

Instead of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, she served steamed broccoli and tofu in the shape of a turkey, colored with beet juice; the meal was supposed to end with a soy cheesecake, but Marie was upset by a restaurant delivery.

Everybody Loves Raymond was a television show that aired for nine seasons.

Only eight Thanksgiving episodes were produced over the course of the show’s long run.

The first season featured a Thanksgiving episode, but the second season did not.

Every season before that had a holiday-themed episode.

During season 2, instead of a Thanksgiving episode, the writers focused on Frank Barone’s 65th birthday and Ray’s high school reunion.

However, there was a Christmas episode in Season 2.

It just so happens that…

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