Olivia Culpo criticizes American Airlines for requiring her to “cover up” before boarding a flight.


Olivia Culpo slams American Airlines for requiring her to “cover up” before boarding her flight.

Olivia Culpo and her sister Aurora Culpo have publicly chastised American Airlines for requiring Olivia to change into a new outfit before boarding a flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Olivia Culpo’s trip to Mexico has gotten off to a shaky start.

January 1st,

“Olivia and I are going to Cabo and look at her outfit,” Aurora Culpo said on Instagram Stories, referring to Olivia’s outfit, which consisted of a black bralette, matching biker shorts, and a long cardigan.

“She appears to be very attractive.”

Aurora continued, “She looks appropriate, doesn’t she?”

“They summon her to the desk and inform her that she must put on a blouse or she will be denied boarding.”

Please tell me that isn’t so messed up.

I adore you, American Airlines.

“Get me to Cabo as soon as possible.”

Olivia responded on Instagram Stories as well.

“Oh no, I’m perplexed.

“Is this inappropriateoffensive?” the former Miss Universe wondered on Instagram as she reshared Aurora’s post, later adding, “Leave it to Aurora to cause a stir.”

“I’m going to hide.”

A video of another traveler wearing a turquoise bralette, leggings, and a long cardigan was also posted by Aurora.

“Do you see?” Aurora inquired.

“But she’s beautiful, and they don’t seem to mind.”

“However, [Olivia] must conceal herself.”

Olivia was also defended by a similarly dressed passenger, who noted that her “new best friend has my back.”

The passenger said, “She covered up.”

“It’s time for my t-tties to come out.”

That’s strange.”

Olivia borrowed a sweatshirt from her NFL player boyfriend Christian McCaffrey, who was also traveling with her.

Olivia and Aurora tried not to let their vacation be ruined by the situation.

Aurora joked about a “get kicked off @americanair starter kit” that included clothing and a photo of Christian being cold on the plane.

She teased, “When you freeze bc ur lady dress inappropriate AF.”

“Exactly how Titanic’s Jack died.”

Olivia also posted an old photo of suit-clad flight attendants, captioning it “my next airport lewk.”

American Airlines, on the other hand, had some questions for Aurora.

She wrote on Instagram Stories, “Who makes the dress code @americanair?”

“Am I being punked??? This is bringing back a lot of bad memories from my Catholic school days.”

“A member of our team has…,” an American Airlines spokesperson said in a statement to Today.

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Olivia Culpo Calls Out American Airlines for Making Her “Cover Up” Before Boarding Flight

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