Olivia Wilde said she finds which part of Harry Styles’very pleasing’.


Olivia Wilde says she finds which part of Harry Styles’very pleasing.’

Since January 2021, actress and director Olivia Wilde has been romantically linked to Harry Styles.

During that time, things appeared to be taking a serious turn, with Wilde making appearances at a number of Styles’ musical tour stops.

She’s also been seen wearing his “Love on Tour” merch on a few occasions.

And now Wilde has shared a piece of Styles that she finds “very pleasing” with the rest of the world.

Wilde and Styles made their official debut at a wedding in January 2021, months after she announced her breakup with Ted Lasso actor Jason Sudeikis.

From their relationship, Wilde and Sudeikis have two children.

According to People, Wilde’s breakup with Sudeikis began after she began directing Styles in Don’t Worry Darling.

This was in contrast to early reports of their break-up, which claimed it happened much sooner.

As a result, the news of her relationship with Styles created quite a stir among fans.

Despite the fact that their romantic outings have been captured on several occasions, the two have remained relatively private throughout their time together.

Wilde, on the other hand, took to Instagram to let fans know that there’s something about her boyfriend that she finds “very pleasing” – and that they, too, can get some.

During a romantic getaway in Italy, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde share a kiss and dance on a yacht https:t.coGyMpoRTkwV

Wilde took to Instagram to express her excitement for the upcoming launch of Styles’ beauty line, Pleasing.

She captioned her Instagram post about Styles’ reveal, “I find this very pleasing.”

It’s no longer available because it was an Instagram Story.

However, the post was captured by People.

The project is described as “beauty products with a hint of self-love,” according to Styles’ statement.

He claims that they “highlight” a person’s beauty rather than hiding it.

“When Pleasing decided to make beauty products, I wanted to make sure they were products I would use.

In a press release about the brand, Styles stated, “I didn’t want to make products to mask people; I wanted to highlight them and make them feel beautiful.”

He also spoke with Dazed about the project’s origins.

“It’s going to start with nail polish because that’s where it all began,” he explained.

“What I’m seeing…”

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