Olly Murs mortified as Uber driver fails to recognise him – or any of his hit songs


SINGER Olly Murs was left mortified when his Uber driver failed to recognise him – or any of his smash-hit songs.

The 36-year-old was left cringing with embarrassment during an awkward appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Big Laughs.

Host of the show, Michael, 44, took Olly’s phone away from him during his Send To All segment and ended up clicking on his Uber App – which resulted in him booking a taxi all the way to Basildon.

Olly was left gobsmacked when a taxi driver walked on stage and Michael decided to show off his singing skills to the Uber driver and asked: “So, listen, do you like music?

“If I was to sing, ‘Dear Darlin, please excuse my writing, I can’t stop my hands from shaking’ – does that ring any bells with you?”

The taxi driver replied: “No,” which left the Dance With Me Tonight singer hiding his face in shame.

But Michael wouldn’t take no for an answer – considering he’s sold more than 13 million records worldwide.

Pointing over at Olly, Michael asked: ‘This gentleman on the left, recognise him at all?”

But once again the Uber driver had no clue who Olly was and everyone was left in stitches at the awkward situation.

It comes after Olly recently risked infuriating Simon Cowell with a sweary rant after having to delete his X Factor audition.


He says The X Factor ordered him to remove a video of his 2009 audition for the show from his Instagram account, claiming it was content “owned” by the ITV series.

Now he has blasted the move, which is sure to infuriate Simon.

Speaking about the removal of the video, in which he belted out Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, Olly said: “I’ve just had to delete my audition on The X Factor ’cause apparently there’s a dispute between X Factor or something that I can’t use their content.

“Er, hello? It’s me in the f***ing video.

“Unbelievable. So I can’t post my audition that I did on X Factor because it’s been banned by them. Hahaha wow.”

Despite blaming The X Factor, the platform he got the video from automatically blocked it.

A show source said: “It has nothing to do with the digital team. Of course, if Olly got in touch with the show that’s something they’d help with.”

Posting a screenshot of the message he received barring him from using the footage, he wrote: “Really, The X Factor?”

He later posted a topless selfie and joked: “This picture will get blocked now ’cause I’m showing a nipple.”

The setback for Olly is the latest issue in a long-running feud with Simon, which started when he joined rival show The Voice as a coach in 2017.

Simon was believed to have been fuming about the move and didn’t speak to Olly, who said months later: “I don’t believe in rivalries.”

But Olly was extended an olive branch the following year when Simon offered him a job as a judge, but he rejected it.

Confirming he had been offered a position, the Troublemaker singer said: “He did.

“I love Simon and I love X Factor, I’ve got nothing but love for the show. It wasn’t about money, it was more about The Voice judges and the chemistry we had as a team.

“If one of them wasn’t coming back it might have been a different decision, but I just love the show and the people on it.

“They gave me an amazing opportunity to be a coach and to help other people. It’s great fun.”


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