One Direction tweet for the first time in two years to promise ‘big announcement’ tomorrow on ten year anniversary


ONE Direction has excited fans by tweeting for the first time in two years to promise a “big announcement” tomorrow on their ten-year anniversary.

A post shared on the group’s Twitter account for the first time since July 2018 teased: “Tomorrow! You and me got a whole lot of history #10YearsOf1D.”

It’s a decade since Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were formed on The X Factor.

After becoming the biggest boyband on the planet, Zayn Malik quit the group in 2015.

The next year 1D revealed they would be going on a hiatus as the boys tried going solo.

They’ve all released their own music and been gigging around the world after leaving behind their former band members.

Fans are secretly opening tomorrow’s announcement will be they’re getting back together.

But it’s unknown whether ex-member Zayn will ever make a return.

One said: “This will easily be the best week of 2020.”

Another begged: “Come back i’ve missed you.”

Someone else worried: “I just hope it doesn’t come down to just a tweet thanking the fandom, because we’ve been waiting for some kind of hope for 4 years.”

Simon Cowell, who helped their meteoric rise, recently commented on how he doesn’t have anything to do with their careers anymore.

He said: “I hear so many things now, which they’re doing, which I’m not involved with.

“It’s a bit like I’m getting the hint you don’t want me to come to the party. Sorry for making you famous…”

The X Factor judge didn’t stop there and said: “Look, I’m not going to lie when I hear they’re doing something, and they haven’t approached me.

“You think, ‘Well I would have liked you to,’ but it’s their choice. I’m not bitter – much.”


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