One Night Only by Adele: A Guide to Every Must-Watch Moment


One Night Only by Adele: A Breakdown of Every Must-Watch Moment

Adele’s big night had arrived, and the music was only the tip of the emotional iceberg.

After years of anticipation, Adele’s fans were reunited with her on Sunday, Nov.

14 as she debuted some new music ahead of the release of her highly anticipated album, 30.

It was a fitting spot for one of our time’s biggest stars to make her return to the stage, as she appeared atop Mount Hollywood with the iconic Griffith Observatory behind her.

She serenaded the audience—and fans around the world—with the best of her discography, including signature songs like “When We Were Young,” “Hello,” and “Someone Like You,” in front of a sea of celebrity guests.

Adele also sat down with Oprah Winfrey to unpack it all: divorce, weight loss, love, her late father, her young son, and her path forward—and you can bet she kept it real with us throughout it all.

“Walking through all of that concrete,” she told Oprah while reflecting on the aftermath of her divorce, “made my feet hurt.”

If you missed any of the major events, don’t worry: we’ve compiled a list of all the highlights for you.

All you have to do now is keep scrolling—and perhaps grab a tissue or two.

The night was all about the music, and Adele did not disappoint.

She performed a few never-before-heard tracks from her upcoming new album, 30. In addition to singing her iconic hits like “Hello,” “Skyfall,” and “Someone Like You,” she also serenaded the crowd with a few never-before-heard tracks from her upcoming new album, 30.

“I Drink Wine,” “Hold On,” and “Love Is a Game” were among the songs that went viral, with the lyric “Soaking it all up for fun but now I only soak up wine.”

During the hours-long special, fans tried to hold back tears as Adele’s One Night Only doubled as a celebrity Where’s Waldo? game. Every time the cameras panned into the audience, it was time to spot another very familiar face.

Ava DuVernay, Melissa McCarthy, a masked Leonardo DiCaprio, Lizzo, Nicole Richie, James Corden, Ellen DeGeneres, Seth Rogen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Gordon Ramsay, Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, Tyler Perry, and Drake…to name a few…made the star-studded guest list.

Adele recalled a pivotal moment in her marriage to ex-husband Simon Konecki during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

She was answering the phone with a few friends…

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