Original Beatles drummer Pete Best buries hatchet with Ringo Starr by wishing him a happy 80th birthday


RINGO Starr was offered a surprise olive branch on his 80th birthday — from original Beatles drummer Pete Best.

Best, 78, fired in 1962 just before the band hit the big time with Ringo, appeared to finally bury the hatchet.

He wrote online: “Thought about it and thought why not. Happy Birthday Ringo. It’s a special one. Have a good day.”

Ringo controversially replaced Best in the line-up in 1962, just before the band made it big.

Best later left the music industry to work as a civil cervant for 20 years before starting the Pete Best Band.

John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono was among the stars to wish Ringo a happy birthday. She wrote: “Happy, Happy Birthday Ringo! lots of peace and love, yoko.”

Meanwhile Ringo and his wife Barbara Bach were pictured in masks by his Peace and Love sculpture in LA.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, to celebrate his birthday, the veteran star said: 80? Man, I’m only 24 in here.

“That’s a good thing and a bad thing. Yeah, 80, it’s like, far out. I mean, it’s like, ‘What?’ It’s a difficult one.

“70 was easy. And we had a great time in Radio City Music Hall in New York where Paul surprised me and got up and played.

“I think 40 was the hardest. Crossing 40 was like –  you know, that damn song, “Life Begins at 40.” That was just the hardest.”

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