Original Walking Dead star admits they’ve never watched a single episode of the show


ONE of The Walking Dead’s original line-up has confessed to never watching the acclaimed AMC show.

The zombie drama has amassed a huge fanbase over the last decade, but apparently hasn’t won over ever member of the cast.

Sarah Wayne Callies played Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) wife husband in the early seasons of the show.

She set a tense feud in motion between Rick and his friend Shane (Jon Bernthal), with whom she’d moved on with romantically after thinking Rick was dead.

This culminated in Rick murdering Shane and Lori later dying of blood loss during the birth of Judith, born from her relationship with Shane.

Rick and son Carl (Chandler Riggs) are devastated by the loss and the pain goes a long way in brutalising the pair to the harsh realities of the apocalypse.

However, despite her pivotal role on the show, Lori revealed she has never watched a single episode because she found it too frightening.

While promoting new NBC drama Council of Dads to AssignmetX, Callies admitted: “I never watched The Walking Dead. It scared me.”

She also claimed that the franchise and all its moribd themes was far less groundbreaking and controversial now than it was at launch.

“Now, we have such a glut of shows about what a s****y, dystopian, f***ed-up world we’re in – including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, which are reality shows about the s****y, dystopian, f***ed-up world we’re in,” she went on.

“I think it’s actually now kind of subversive to say, ‘Maybe we’re all going to be okay. Maybe we can get through this by reaching out to one another.’”


With that in mind we suspect Callies is in no hurry to reurn to the horror genre anytime soon.

Her comments come after The Walking Dead creator revived the popular comic book series with a Negan-centric spin-off.

Meanwhile Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is reportedly in talks to join the cast of Amazon Prime hit The Boys.

The Walking Dead season 10 is set to conclude late in 2020.


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