Paris Hilton’s Hairstylist Reveals Her Wedding Day Hairstyle


Paris Hilton’s Hairstylist Teases Her Wedding Day Look.

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There’s a chance we’ll never forget Paris Hilton’s wedding ensemble.

The reality TV star’s wedding is the stuff of Pinterest wedding board dreams, from her stunning Oscar de La Renta gown to the sentimental venue.

But, for a second, can we just talk about her stunning updo?

Fortunately, Paris’ hairstylist Eduardo Ponce gave E! an exclusive step-by-step product breakdown on how he got the Paris in Love star’s hair ready for her wedding day.

“For Paris’ wedding day, the overall inspiration was ‘timeless beauty,'” Eduardo explained.

“We wanted Paris to look new and stylish,” says the designer.

We didn’t want to overdo the glam because the dress is such a work of art.

“We kept it simple and clean.”

Keep scrolling to see Eduardo’s full breakdown!

“I used 7Seconds Detangler on damp hair before applying Boosta Volumizing Spray to Paris’ hair to prepare it.”

“After that, I blow dried and sectioned her bangs before starting to shape the back side with Luxy clip-in extensions for fullness.”

After teasing and clipping in extensions, I like to use Session-Max Spray at the base of the hair.

This adds grit to the extensions, allowing them to stay put.”

“After that, I shaped the hair into a mid ponytail and secured it with Second Day Finishing Cream, Session-Max Spray, and a Utiles hair tie.”

“I used a mixture of Second Day Finishing Cream and Smooth to shape Paris’ pony into a sleek bun.”

“I shaped the bangs with a T3 Micro curling iron and Smooth

“To seal everything in, I used 7Seconds Glossing Spray and Session-Max Spray.”

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