Paul Heyman Supports the WWE Brand Split, Saying WWE Raw Is “Clearly” the B-Show


WWE Raw is ‘clearly’ the B-Show, according to Paul Heyman, who supports the WWE Brand Split.

Paul Heyman was interviewed by Ariel Helwani for BT Sport earlier this week, and he spoke about a variety of topics both inside and outside of WWE. Heyman stayed out of character for the majority of the interview, but (somewhat) dipped back in when the subject of Raw vs. SmackDown came up.

The SmackDown vs. SmackDown rivalry was brought up.

The “battle for brand supremacy” will be the focus of Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, but Heyman argues that there is no real rivalry because the Blue Brand has Roman Reigns as its top star and airs every week on network television rather than cable.

“There’s no rivalry; SmackDown has beaten Raw to a pulp, and Raw is clearly the B Show.”

There’s no longer any competition.

“We came out on top,” Heyman said (via Fightful).

“I have no animosity toward Raw.

SmackDown suffers if Raw goes bad.

If WWE’s Raw suffers a setback, the company’s stock will suffer as well.

When a stock goes bad, it hurts me.

I don’t want Raw to have a bad run.

I wish Raw could do even better and give SmackDown more competition, because if a star emerges on Raw who can compete with Roman Reigns in the box office, we’ll have another opponent.

The issue with Roman Reigns is not that he has reached the limit of his greatness; rather, his greatness is becoming more defined with each performance.

The problem with Roman Reigns is that there are only a few people who can work with us in a way that people will say, ‘That’s an opponent for Roman Reigns, that’s someone I’d like to see challenge the Tribal Chief.’ That’s why Brock Lesnar’s return is so important because we don’t have five other people waiting in the wings who can be a credible opponent for Roman Reigns.”

Heyman openly disagreed with Helwani about the status of the WWE brand split at other points in the interview.

Helwani wants it to be dissolved so that all WWE stars can potentially appear on both shows, whereas Heyman claims that the split allows more wrestlers to become stars in the company.

“If both shows are dominated by the same personalities, there isn’t enough room for new talent to rise,” Heyman said.

“It’s a question of how long it takes a talent to connect with an audience…

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Paul Heyman Says WWE Raw Is ‘Clearly’ the B-Show, Supports the WWE Brand Split

Paul Heyman Says WWE Raw Is ‘Clearly’ the B-Show, Supports the WWE Brand Split

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