People are calling DIY fan’s method “VERY brave” after she reveals a genius hack to clean white grouting permanently.


People are calling DIY fan’s method VERY brave after she reveals a genius hack to clean white grouting permanently.

A DIY fan who was tired of constantly scrubbing her bathroom grout has stunned her followers by revealing the inexpensive and simple solution she used to solve the problem once and for all.

Gee posted a video of the hack to TikTok, showing her carefully painting the white grouting black with a tin of £12 paint.

She wrote on the video, “When the grout just never looked clean enough no matter how hard I scrubbed.”

“I made the decision to repaint the grout.”

In the video, she was seen painting the lines with a thin paintbrush.

But it was the cleanup that took the most time.

Gee then showed herself scrubbing the walls with Pink Stuff cream cleaner, attempting to remove the grey muck left behind by the excess paint.

“Scrub, scrub, scrub some more – send assistance!” she wrote.

But all of the effort paid off in the end, as Gee showed off her finished bathroom, complete with a bath ready for her to jump into.

“It’s fantastic!” she exclaimed.

Some viewers, on the other hand, found her transformation difficult to watch, with one commenting, “I had the fear during the scrub scrub.”

Gee replied, “Haha, me too!”

“It seemed like an eternity!”

“Definitely trust the process!” said another.

“I used a white grout pen for mine, but it wasn’t brilliant,” someone else said.

“I have a grout pen as a back up just in case it didn’t stick,” Gee explained, “and I’ve used it to touch up in certain areas, this was a tedious job but definitely worth it!”

She also admitted to using a dark grey paint, the Groutin Tile Grout Paint in Dark Grey.

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