People are ‘genuinely stunned’ because a bride bought her wedding gown online and expected it to be perfect.


People are ‘genuinely stunned’ after a bride was trolled for buying her wedding gown online and expecting it to be perfect.

When it comes to trying new brands, online shopping can be hit or miss.

One woman admitted that she felt confident enough to order her wedding gown online, but the dress she received was definitely a “miss.”

The woman, who goes by the TikTok handle @emmeblurose, told her TikTok followers about her less-than-pleasant online shopping experience for the dress she planned to walk down the aisle in.

She started by displaying a photo of a gown with a plunging neckline and a faux pearl-covered bodice.

The dress’s ball gown skirt emphasized the natural waistline and continued the beading on the upper portion of the gown seamlessly.

The bride appeared surprised by the dress she received instead, as the cups in the bust were visible through the beading and the transition from bust to skirt was anything but smooth.

In addition, the skirt’s material appeared to be inexpensive and easily wrinkled.

The bride didn’t say where she got the dress, but she did say in the video’s caption, “Don’t [buy]your wedding dress online…ever.”

The internet largely agreed, and many TikTokers mocked the woman for believing she could order her dream dress online.

“No offense,” one woman slammed, “but I’m genuinely stunned that people think you can just buy a wedding dress online and get exactly what you want.”

“How-” remarked a second below, surprised.

Another person tried to cheer her up by suggesting that she just needed some TLC.

The poster isn’t the first woman who has been let down by an online dress purchase.

That’s why wedding fashion expert Nayri Kalayjian advised her followers to never buy a dress online without first trying it on in person.

“We’ve had so many brides order dresses that they’ve seen in stores and it’s pictured online and it ends up being counterfeit,” she said in a YouTube video.

“This is the one purchase where you still get to have a personal touch and connection, and you shouldn’t miss out on it,” she added.

Hopefully, the bride who shared her wedding gown horror story has enough time before her big day to fix the one she bought or find a much more suitable gown.

Other brides, meanwhile, have continued to share their wedding gown disasters.

For example, during her wedding dress appointment, one bride admitted to snapping at a teen for buying a dress for her sweet sixteen.

Another reminisced about her mother-in-law attending her wedding in her own wedding gown, but explained…

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