People judge me because I’m a domestic violence survivor who married a man who murdered his wife; however, he manipulated me.


People judge me because I’m a domestic violence survivor who married a man who murdered his wife – but he manipulated me.

A SURVIVOR OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE claims she was manipulated into marrying a man who murdered his wife after fleeing her abusive relationship.

Stephanie Garcia met her now ex-husband Gerardo Castaneda a month after he was released from prison after serving 20 years for the 1996 murder of his first wife.

Because she had been exposed to domestic violence in previous relationships, the 49-year-old says she had grown accustomed to violent men. As a result, she didn’t see his past as a reason to avoid dating him because he showed’remorse’ for his crime.

However, she claims that after a year of marriage, her husband Gerardo dumped her without explanation, and she realized she had allowed the convict to’manipulate’ her by treating her so well.

The mother of two believes her ex-husband ‘took advantage’ of her history as a victim of domestic violence by’sweeping her off her feet’ with charming behavior that was diametrically opposed to her previous treatment.

Stephanie, who now works as a parole case manager, wants to raise awareness about domestic violence and encourage people to understand how it affects survivors.

“I met this man and he was really kind and attentive to my needs and everything a woman would want,” Stephanie, from Santa Rosa, Texas, said.

“He had 20 years in prison to think about how he was going to treat a woman when he got out, and he did a fantastic job with me.”

“He completely swept me off my feet, and we were married in seven months.”

“He did admit to going to prison for murdering his wife, and he appeared to be extremely remorseful at the time.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it didn’t seem all that bad at the time because I’d grown accustomed to being with a violent man.”

“However, now that I look back, I wonder what I was thinking when I married a man who murdered his wife.”

“Any other woman would have run the other way, but I let him manipulate me because of my life experiences.”

“I believe he preyed on my prior life experiences, which was that the relationships I’d been in had been so violent, and he took advantage of that.”

“These guys spend a long time in prison, and what I’ve learned is that they learn how to manipulate women,” says the author.

The mother claims she was previously a victim of physical domestic violence in two long relationships, which desensitized her to violent men and abusive relationships.

Stephanie claims to have…

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I think it’s unfair to a survivor of domestic violence to be judged so harshly

Stephanie Garcia

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