People poke fun at Slimming World ‘cake’ which see crunchy nut slathered in cream cheese


January is the time when many people attempt to shift the pounds gained while indulging over the Christmas period – and what better way to stick to your diet than a lower-calorie take on a popular treat. 

But one UK-based dieter’s recipe has raised eyebrows for many, after they used cheese spread and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes to make an alternative cheesecake.

Posting to the Facebook Group, Slimming World Tasty Meal and Treats, which has more than 23,000 members, a user shared a photo of their ‘healthier’ option of the popular dessert.  

The cake had a base of Crunchy Nut cornflakes and was topped with yogurt, spreadable cheese and white hot chocolate powder. 

It’s not an official Slimming World recipe, but one used by those on the plan due to it’s low Syn value.

The slimming scheme, which has 900,000 paid up members, allocates Syn points to all types of food, with members allowed up to 15 Syns a day. 

While many in the Facebook group said the dessert looked lovely, people poked fun at the strange concoction when it was later shared to Twitter by user @L3GSV. 

‘Another cracking example of how s*** some “diet recipes” are. Just eat a small, ACTUAL cheesecake and have some fruit FFS’. 

‘How dare they call that a cheesecake’ joked another. 

A third added: ‘That’s horrific and no more a cheesecake than putting a babybel on top of a Jaffa cake.’ 

‘I’m sure this is worse for you than actual cheesecake’ said one. 

‘I have an urge to go to that group meeting and throw chairs’ another added.

According to the recipe creator, the cake has only two Syns. 

This is not the first time that the Slimming World points system has been called into question with the brand previously giving avocados more Syns than a can of cider.

In March avocados were given a Syn rating of 14, while a can of Strongbow Dark Fruit cider is worth 9.5 points.

It is thought Slimming World allocates avocados such a high rating due to the fruit’s high fat content and because they contain up to 320 calories.


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