Peter Andre recalls ‘terrible time’ son Theo stopped sleeping and eating – leaving wife Emily ‘really upset’


PETER Andre has recalled a “terrible time” when his three-year-old son Theo stopped sleeping and eating – leaving wife Emily “really upset”.

The 47-year-old star opened up about his youngest child’s battle with tongue-tie after former Towie star Lucy Mecklenburgh revealed her newborn son Roman had it.

Earlier this month, Lucy shared her fury with fans after doctors dismissed her baby’s symptoms because he was gaining weight – raging that he had to suffer “8-9 weeks of pain” before she finally got answers.

Offering the new mum his support, Peter shared: “I can sympathise as Ems and I went through that with Theo – it was terrible.

“He wasn’t sleeping or eating and Emily was getting really upset because she didn’t understand why he wasn’t taking her breast milk.”

He added in his new! magazine column: “It’s not an easy thing for parents to recognise and it wasn’t until a doctor told us that we knew.

“It’s really hard to see your baby cry when they cut the tongue, but within a couple of weeks the improvement was unbelievable. It was a game-changer for us.”

Peter also shares six-year-old Amelia with his GP wife Emily, and is dad to 15-year-old Junior, and 13-year-old Princess with ex-wife Katie Price.

Emily previously described Theo’s tongue-tie operation as “traumatic” – admitting that she felt “guilty” for not recognising the signs.

She said at the time: “I didn’t pick up on it and I’m a doctor.

“I felt guilty, I should have looked in his mouth and thought about tongue-tie. When they’re yours you don’t look at them as a patient.

“It was actually my breastfeeding counsellor who looked in his mouth and said it looked like he had it.

“I took him to the tongue-tie clinic and they said it was really severe, with 80% tongue-tie, so they arranged for him to have it cut.

“Pete and I were both crying when Theo had his operation. It was really traumatic.”

Lucy, 28, shares four-month-old son Roman with fiancé Ryan Thomas, and previously revealed that their little boy had been suffering due to undiagnosed tongue-tie as well as a dairy intolerant.

She told fans on Instagram: “People asking how I knew Roman had something wrong with him. He had all the reflux and colic symptoms.

“Roman was gaining weight and seemed to breast feed okay as he always latched well with no pain for me. So tongue-tie was disregarded.

“I used my mother’s instinct to seek help from a feeding consultant who led me to a tongue-tie specialist then an allergy doctor.

“I knew something was wrong with my baby! And I was RIGHT! It infuriates me it took 8-9 weeks of him in pain to get answers.”

She added: “Why isn’t tongue tie checked before you leave hospital! I was in for five days!

“Why would no-one check? Or why is no-one qualified to check?”

Thankfully Roman is now thriving after his tongue-tie was fixed, with breastfeeding Lucy ditching dairy due to his intolerance.

However, at the weekend Lucy was left terrified that she may have accidentally eaten something that he was intolerant to after she found him “screaming with a stiff body”.

Updating followers, she also said that Roman had developed a rash – but thankfully he was able to get better on his own.


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