Peter Andre reveals the shocking racism aimed at him by a teacher when he was at school


PETER Andre has revealed he was beaten by cruel bullies at school and even called racist names by a teacher – saying it still haunts him to this day.

The presenter, 47, recalled his childhood struggles in Australia during a phone chat with brother Danny on Life With The Andres, which airs exclusively on The Sun’s YouTube channel.

The brothers, who have Cypriot heritage, were targeted growing up with Peter explaining: “We suffered racism bad as kids and called greasy wogs. I was beaten quite a few times from kids at the school.”

Peter said those experiences still influence his grooming regime more than 30 years on as he can’t wear his hair’s natural curls as it brings back painful memories.

He said: “To this day I don’t wear my hair curly purely because when I look in the mirror I see what those kids used to call me, even now at 47 years old. You’d think I’d be over it.”

The star also remembered an encounter with one a bullying teacher years later that left him conflicted.

The teacher told Peter how proud he was of his success leaving Peter unsure how to react.

Peter previously revealed the bullying was so bad he contemplated ending his life.

In a candid video for youth charity The Diana Award’s #Back2School campaign, Peter said: “Did I ever contemplate ending it? Yeah.”

Reflecting on moving from London, where he was born, to Australia, he continued: “In that period of time, yeah. Bullying is a horrible thing. It really is horrible. On every level. Unfortunately it happens. It’s been going on for generations.

“When you’re a kid with dark hair, dark eyes, strong English accent, much bigger nose than the kids around you, I was an outcast like you wouldn’t believe.

“I mean, I couldn’t have stuck out more. The term they used in Australia at the time was ‘wog’. ‘Wog’ was used for Greeks, for Italians, people from the Mediterranean.

“I mean, it happened instantly. Instantly. In our neighbourhood, where we moved into, you’d walk down the street and they’d go, ‘Get outta here, wog!’ That’s what it was like.”

Peter told of the heartbreaking moment a teacher used the derogatory term towards him, which he says made him feel like he was “finished”.

“I remember going up to the teacher and he said, ‘What do you want?'” said the star.

“I said, ‘I’m going to be in your class next year. He said, ‘Yeah, I’ve never had a greasy wog in my class. Greasy wogs don’t do well in my class. You’re going to sit up the back, right?’

“Now instantly, I knew then, I was finished.

“I had the kids at school picking on me, the teachers picking on me. Imagine being in this place, that’s got the sunshine, got the beach, got everything you can imagine, but you’re at school and no one wants to talk to you. No one wants to associate themselves with you.”

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