Peter Andre urges fans to donate to a dog rescue charity after his daughter Princess’ puppy tragedy


PETER Andre has urged fans to donate to a dog rescue charity just days after his daughter Princess’ puppy died.

The 47-year-old singer appealed for help on Instagram Stories, telling followers: “They need more medical attention that what we can afford to give.”

Peter shared a snap of two vulnerable dogs locked up in a crate, alongside the name of the charity – DASH Dog Rescue.

Tagging the Greek rescue shelter, he added: “If you want to help them please quote manage pups when you donate, they need more medical attention that what we can afford to give.”

The dad-of-four concluded the post with the charity’s contact details.

He went on: “A small monthly donation is far more valuable than a large one off one – please do consider this xxx.”

Peter’s concerns follow shortly after the dead of Princess’ puppy Rolo.

The adorable pup was a 13th birthday present for the youngster from her mum Katie Price.

However, the family was soon hit by tragedy when Rolo suffocated after being trapped in a chair.

The mum-of-five got emotional as she spoke out about the heartbreaking ordeal in an emotional video.

Tearful Katie said: “As a mum I just feel for Princess. It’s awful, the dog’s gone, we’re all distraught the whole family.

“I don’t even know why the breeders are even turning on us. I’ve never said a bad word about them. People shouldn’t blame the breeders, it’s not the breeder’s fault what happened.”

She said having to tell Princess the awful news was the worst thing she has ever had to do.

Katie added: “Having to make that phone call to my daughter is the worst thing in the world because I don’t want to make her heartbroken. 

“She’s genuinely fallen in love with, she doted on that dog. I’m devastated this has happened. 

“And people are trolling us, the breeders seem to have turned on us. It’s not our fault this has happened.”

She added: “It absolutely wasn’t anybody’s fault. It was an absolute freak accident. 

“I still can’t believe it, I’m still in shock about it to be honest how this has happened. The vet said it’s really common – small puppies get in small places and suffocate.”

Katie also revealed that the pooch wasn’t left alone at all when the tragedy struck.

Peter had previously refused to buy Princess a puppy for her birthday as wife Emily, 30, suffers with allergies.

Instead, Peter and Emily treated the teenager to two gorgeous dwarf bunnies.


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