Peter Andre’s wife Emily has streaming bloodshot eyes and is hooked up to anti-allergy electrodes as family get rabbits


PETER Andre’s wife Emily was left sneezing and with streaming red eyes after suffering a horrendous allergic reaction in their Surrey mansion.

The junior doctor filmed herself with a light-blasting device jammed up both nostrils as the family got pet rabbits for Pete’s daughter Princess’s 13th birthday.

The shocking scenes appeared on tonight’s episode of Life With The Andres, which airs exclusively and for free on The Sun’s YouTube channel.

She and Pete hatched the plan to get rabbits after Emily’s allergies ruled out them getting a dog, with the 30-year-old telling Princess: “I just feel bad because that puppy thing is my fault.”

The polite youngster replied: “No. Well it is, but it’s fine. I don’t really need anything.”

But when Emily brought the hay into the house, she ended up having a severe reaction, being shown sneezing and kneeling on the floor with streaming eyes.

She sniffed: “Oh my God, I’m allergic to the grass. I’m allergic to the hay. Urgh.

“I’m going to put my sunglasses on. Oh my God. What was I thinking? I know how allergic I am to everything, including grass.

“Oh God, I’m going to have to take an antihistimine. Looks like I’m going to have to wear sunglasses for the rest of my life in this house.”

She later appeared with a pink light-blasting device in each nostril, telling viewers: “Pete and the kids always laaugh at me baecuse I get such bad allergies.

“I’ve got my allergy nose device and they always take the mick out of me, but it actually works. I could be getting this bad-boy out more often.”

Princess was bowled over by the present of the eight-week-old dwarf rabbits saying: “I’m actually shaking. They’re just so cute.

“I know it’s my present, but I’m going to share it with the family. I love them.”

She then introduced the pair to viewers and her family having come up with names, explaining: “This is Willow and this is Teddy.”


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