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Piers Morgan gets Susanna Reid to turn on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after they sign up for Netflix reality show


PIERS Morgan finally got Susanna Reid to turn on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after they agreed to be filmed for a new Netflix reality show.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has been a staunch critic of the pair while co-host Susanna has always defended Harry and Meghan- often praising them for using their platform to speak out on important issues.

But on GMB today Piers again slammed the couple, who live in a Santa Barbara mansion, over their plans for a new series – and Susanna finally caved.

Piers, 55, told viewers: “At what point does the penny drop that she came over here, took our prince and now Mrs Privacy is making a 150 million (dollars) fly on the wall documentary where every part of their lives is going to be filmed.”

Turning to Susanna, 49, he added: “At what point do these scales come down from your eyes?”

She replied: “I have reached a tipping point.

Susanna added: “I am really private and I think if you are going to complain about intrusion into your privacy then having a fly on the wall series on your private life is not the message you should be sending.”

Piers then branded Meghan the new “Kim Kardashian” after the news Keeping Up With The Kardashians had been cancelled.

The Sussexes moved to the US earlier this year after complaining about alleged media intrusion in the UK.

Last month they announced they had signed a £112million Netflix deal and it had been thought it would have them work only behind the camera — but a source said Meghan wants the world to see the “real her”.

Former Suits actress Meghan, 39, and Harry, 36, had said they wanted to “shine a light on people and causes around the world”.

However Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, said: “We were told they had gone to California for greater privacy so it all appears rather hypocritical.

The source added to The Sun on Sunday: “They may have had all these lofty ideas about producing epics highlighting environmental causes and the poverty gap, but Netflix obviously want their pound of flesh.

They will be followed for three months but it is not yet known if cameras will be allowed into their £11.5million, nine-bedroom home in Montecito.

The source said: “Much of the docuseries will be about their philanthropy rather than what they get up to behind closed doors.

“But it will still be a fascinating insight and Meghan hopes viewers will get to see the real her.”


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