Piers Morgan left struggling to breathe and unable to speak after being confined to bed for two days with heatstroke


GOOD Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan has said he was left struggling to breathe or speak this weekend following a heatstroke attack.

The 55-year-old host explained he spent two days in bed after playing golf in the blazing sunshine on Friday, saying: “It was a utopia for my critics.”

Opening up about his ordeal, he told 49-year-old co-host Susanna Reid he felt unsteady when being jolted from his sleep, saying: “I woke up on Saturday morning and suddenly went ‘wooo, wooo’.

“I hadn’t had a single thing to drink – I had heat exhaustion. I spent two days in bed. I basically couldn’t walk, couldn’t breathe. I could barely talk.

“It was a utopia for my critics really. Heat exhaustion is actually quite unpleasant, I’ve discovered. I was very tired. I just slept it off. “

However, he alarmed Dr Hilary Jones when he told the show’s resident medic he’d treated the problem with “diuretics”.

The 67-year-old warned him: “That means you get rid of fluid” with Susanna pointing out people use them to lose water weight.

He quickly corrected himself, saying he was actually taking rehydration treatment Dioraltye, reassuring fans: “I wasn’t on diuretics. Happy to be this chunky.”

Speaking about the warm weather, which has seen thousands of Brits head to the beach, Piers said “I actually loved it, but I then got heat exhaustion.”

He later answered fans who tweeted him about his “bloated face and pinhead eyes” saying: “I love the viewers – they don’t hold back.”


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