Piers Morgan reveals Kim Kardashian once sent him ‘biggest bunch of flowers ever’ after reading his column about her


PIERS Morgan has revealed he was once sent the biggest bunch of flowers he’s ever received in his life from Kim Kardashian after she read his column about her

The Good Morning Britain host was responding to one of his followers who said Kim didn’t read what he wrote about her. 

Piers, 55, said in a previous tweet that Kim’s recent statement on husband Kanye’s mental health was perhaps due to his recent advice. 

He wrote: “…It’s good that Kim’s finally decided to speak out about Kanye’s mental illness. (Perhaps my column made her do it?)…”

Replying to a follower who suggested Kim hadn’t seen what he had written about her, he wrote: “The biggest display of flowers I’ve ever received in my life came from @KimKardashian – thanking me for what I once wrote about her in a column. She reads them.”

Piers and Kim have a long-running feud, with him referring to her as a “talentless half-wit” after they were laughed at onstage at the Grammy’s last year.

He said: “That is one of the most successful programmes on television. So why are an audience of TV people laughing at them? Maybe it is because they are a bunch of talentless half-wits.”

In 2018, Kim revealed a list of enemies she would be sending new bottles of her fragrance to – with Piers the only man on the list.

Others on the ‘haters’ roll-call included Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna and US talk show host Wendy Williams.

Piers has been taunting Kim for years, responding to one of her scantily-clad pics as far back as 2016, telling her: “I know the old man’s $50 million in debt, Kim – but this is absurd. Want me to buy you some clothes?”

However, Piers recently had Kim’s back after he slammed Kanye West for leaving his wife “hurt and humiliated” by the abortion claims he made at his first presidential rally in South Carolina.

The rapper claimed that he and Kim considered not going through with the birth of their first daughter seven years ago while giving a shocking speech on Sunday.

Writing in his column for the Daily Mail, Piers said that Kanye “humiliated his wife Kim in the most horrible way” with the speech “smacks of attention-seeking narcissism”.

He wrote: “I found the whole thing utterly horrifying and cringe-making.

“What kind of husband and father starts screaming hysterically on live TV about nearly aborting one of their children?”

Piers went on to explain that North – who is now seven years old – is bound to find out about the speech.

“My own daughter is eight, very computer literate, and picks up everything and everything said about her,” he said.

He added: “Whatever your view of abortion, that’s a very hurtful thing for any child to learn at that age, let alone one who will now have to see and hear the world gossiping about it because her mother and father are so famous.”

But Piers doesn’t lay all the blame at Kanye’s door, he says that it’s his wife Kim’s responsibility to stop him “self-imploding in public”.


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