Piers Morgan stunned as MP Ian Blackford takes phone call from BBC Breakfast during live GMB interview


PIERS Morgan was left stunned as MP Ian Blackford took a phone call from BBC Breakfast during a live interview with Good Morning Britain today.

The 55-year-old host has a long-running feud with the rival show and was clearly taken aback by the politician’s brazen behaviour.

The SNP Westminster leader was on the show to discuss the government’s coronavirus emergency mini-budget, which will be revealed later today by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

He appeared alongside MP Bridget Phillipson, who Piers and his co-host Susanna Reid debated the ongoing NHS hospital parking row with first.

And it appears Mr Blackford got bored of waiting, taking the BBC Breakfast call at the exact moment Piers said: “Let’s go to Ian”.

Seeing him with a phone to his ear, Susanna said: “No we can’t, he’s just on the phone – he might be checking what the policy is…”

Piers added: “I think he’s checking out what they do in Scotland – Mr Bradford, are you there?”

Ian continued talking for a brief time before ending the conversation and hanging up.

Piers asked: “Mr Blackford, are you there? You’re live on Good Morning Britain!”

Ian looked shocked and uncomfortable at having been caught out, with Piers asking: “I’m sorry, are we interrupting you, sir?”

Sheepishly laughing, the MP nervously replied: “It’s your competition over the other side, we were live on air for a couple of minutes.”

Clearly shocked, Susanna replied: “I’m glad you prioritised us.”

With Piers curtly continuing: “Well tell them they’re going to have to wait… Sorry to drag you away from your chat.”

They then quizzed Ian on the hospital parking fees in Scotland as planned.

Piers and BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker have long been rivals and reignited their feud in May after Dominic Raab agreed to appear on the latter’s show – but refused an interview with GMB.

After the chat, Dan posted a tweet thanking viewers for the “kind comments” and said it was possible to ask “difficult questions without shouting, interrupting, telling everyone you’re brilliant at holding them to account”.

Piers, believing his rival host was having a dig at his style, hit back on Twitter.

He wrote: “The reason they all go on your show Dan is because you’re known as the softest touch in world political interviewing…

“Or as The Guardian called you recently ‘LaLa from the Telletubbies… most at home asking unthreatening lifestyle questions.'”

Dan hit back at his rival with: “Morning. Raab did every outlet apart from GMB. I wonder why.

“I’ll make sure I watch some of your old stuff to get some tips on how to take no prisoners and not be a ‘soft-touch’.”

He then shared a photo of Piers handing President Donald Trump an Arsenal top with the president’s name on it.

This was just the latest in the pair’s feud, with Piers and Dan regularly tweeting about one another and their rival shows on social media, in addition, Piers also publicly slams Dan on Good Morning Britain.


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