Pregnant Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom delay wedding AGAIN to prepare for birth of their first child


KATY Perry and Orlando Bloom’s keep putting off their wedding, but for good reason.

The Roar singer, 35, revealed the A-List couple had planned to marry in the winter and then put it off to marry in Japan in the summer.

But a global pandemic by the name of coronavirus also stopped those plans dead in their tracks.

Katy opened up about how the couple have out their wedding on the backburner to focus on welcoming their first child together.

“You can’t plan anymore in 2020 because those plans are ­always cancelled. We just want to ­deliver a healthy child,” she told US Radio.

“Everyone has to take life one week at a time right now.”

The singer also felt self-conscious being heavily pregnant and sleeping next to her Hollywood heartthrob husband.

“He’s so hot. He’s got a six-pack. I literally look like a square, I look like Shrek.

“Large Marge in charge. Aren’t partners supposed to have that sympathy pound-gain thing?

“Not him, he ages backwards. I think it’s because he gets up at 7am and chants.”

Katy and Orlando have been in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2016.

They split in 2017 before reuniting and then getting engaged on Valentine’s Day last year.

The singer credited her fiancé with supporting her throughout her mental health issues, including her deep depression after they split.

She explained: “It was more than I’d ever faced. I’d had bouts of ­depression before. I’d been able to avoid falling into the really dark depression by making music.

“It’s like all these things you do to distract – you eat, you work you get a new boyfriend, you shop.”

Orlando is the “only one who can handle” her mental health, according to Katy.

She added: “I showed him all of it and I still test him. And he still shows up and he is still not fazed by it. He’s perfect.”

Katy also admitted her biggest hits including Teenage Dream, Firework and Dark Horse were written while she was “in the worst place of my life”.

She was also there for her fiancé who recently lost his beloved pooch, Mighty.

Orlando’s dog Mighty went missing last Tuesday in California after he escaped from a yard.

The actor found his collar a week later while searching for him, prompting Bloom to conclude that his beloved pet had died.

Bloom began to search the neighborhood and put up posters offering $5,000 for the return of the little dog.

One week later, Mighty’s collar was found, forcing the actor to accept Mighty was dead.


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