Pussycat Dolls babe Ashley Roberts is making a move on ‘cute’ Harry Styles and wants to learn Italian to impress him


PUSSYCAT Dolls star Ashley Roberts has revealed she’s got the hots for another pop singer – Harry Styles.

She has been won over by his new moustache and says he looks “cute”.

Ashley explained: “He properly has a Boogie Nights moustache going on and I have to say, what I love about Harry is, he’s just so adventurous with his looks.

“He tries different things and I’m a fan of that. I think he looks cute, I’m for it.”

Harry was snapped with his new facial hair earlier this month in Italy, weeks after saying he had spent lockdown learning the language.

And now Ashley is determined to become bilingual to impress the ex-One Direction star.

She added: “I know a little bit but not much. I need to up my game so I can hang out with Harry.”

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