Ranking the NFL’s Most Hated Teams


The NFL’s Most Hated Teams

The NFL season in 2021 is halfway over, and while there have been many changes in the top teams in the league over the last 30 years, some things have remained the same.

BetOnline.ag recently conducted a Twitter poll, compiling geo-tracked tweets from the start of the preseason to Sunday night of Week 6.

After analyzing over 400,000 tweets with negative phrases about teams, the company determined the most hated teams in the NFL.

Given that Tom Brady is the starting quarterback, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would appear to be the most despised NFL team.

The Buccaneers are on the list, but based on the number of states, they aren’t the most hated team.

And this begs the question of how many people still despise the New England Patriots, who, believe it or not, aren’t as despised now as they were when Brady was on the team.

And, considering they haven’t won a championship since 1968, the New York Jets might be a surprising team that is high on the last.

Here is BetOnline.ag’s ranking of the most despised teams.

Given how popular the Cowboys have become over the years, this is not surprising.

Even when the Cowboys are losing, NFL fans love to despise them because they are known as “America’s Team,” and the fact that they are one of the best teams in the league this year only adds to their hatred.

Tom Brady is the center of attention.

Last year, he joined the Buccaneers and helped them win the Super Bowl.

Brady has now won seven Super Bowl championships and continues to be lauded for his achievements.

NFL fans, on the other hand, now want the Buccaneers to lose every game they play.

The Green Bay Packers have a loyal fan base that travels well to away games.

NFL fans have had enough of the green and gold, despite the fact that the team has been a Super Bowl contender nearly every year since Brett Favre took the reins in the 1990s.

The Raiders have a fervent fan base, which has sparked a lot of controversy.

The Raiders have not won a Super Bowl since 1983, when they were still based in Los Angeles….

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Ranking the Most Hated Teams in the NFL

Ranking the Most Hated Teams in the NFL

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