Reba McEntire says she has to “say no to a lot” because of her celebrity.


Reba McEntire says she has to “say no to a lot” as a result of her celebrity.

Reba McEntire has been a part of the country music industry for decades and has worked hard to achieve her goals.

She once admitted that she believed there were better singers who never achieved fame because they did not make the sacrifices she did.

But, if she had a chance to do it all over again, would she?

McEntire has established himself as a true superstar at this point.

She has grown into a steady icon of country music since her singing talent was discovered in the 1970s.

To get to where she is now, she had to make a lot of sacrifices.

According to PBS, McEntire admitted that if she could go back in time, she isn’t sure if she would make the same decisions.

She explained how she was frequently away from home and relied on a nanny to fill in for her.

“You have to say no to a lot of wonderful things you could do at home with your family,” she explained.

“It’s like not being able to attend your child’s championship hockey game.”

Because you’re shooting a movie in Los Angeles, you won’t be able to attend.”

However, McEntire also stated that she does not believe that one can achieve her level of celebrity without sacrificing other aspects of one’s life.

According to McEntire, there are “a lot of girl singers who are 10,000 times better” than her, but they lack the desire to achieve superstardom that she did.

“They don’t have the drive,” she said more specifically.

They lack a strong work ethic.

They’re not prepared to make the necessary sacrifices.”

“They want it, but they don’t want to do everything you have to do to get there,” she added.

While she was candid about why she believes some people fail, she couldn’t say with certainty that she would make the same choices if she were in their shoes.

McEntire wondered what she would do if she could go back in time with PBS while reflecting on the past.

“I wish I could go back and do a lot of that stuff again, knowing what I know now.”

Though the “Fancy” singer admitted she could have made different decisions, she doesn’t appear to be the type to wallow in regret over things she can’t change.

“However, you cannot look back,” she declared afterward…

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