Ree Drummond of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ reveals the secret to perfect pecan pie that she claims will’make you cry.’


Ree Drummond, aka ‘The Pioneer Woman,’ reveals the secret to making perfect pecan pie, which she claims will’make you cry.’

Ree Drummond’s pecan pie recipe is so good, she says it’ll “make you cry,” and her husband Ladd agrees. The Pioneer Woman star revealed the one secret to making the best pecan pie, and it’s super simple.

“The pie that makes Ladd cry… from happiness!” Drummond wrote in a 2018 Facebook post, referring to her pecan pie recipe.

“This is the pecan pie I make year after year,” she continued, “and I sometimes refer to it as ‘The Pie That’ll Make You Cry,’ because it’s just that good.”

In addition, if I don’t make it, Ladd will cry.”

“I used to call this ‘The Pie That’ll Make You Cry,’ because it really has brought grown adults to tears,” Drummond wrote in a 2021 Facebook post.

It’s that good! It’s the one thing Ladd looks forward to the most during the holiday season.”

Drummond published her pecan pie recipe on The Pioneer Woman website in a 2010 blog post.

She talked about her love for pecan pie and how she came up with the perfect recipe for “the most delectable, flavorful pecan pie on the face of the Earth.”

Ladd, her husband, is also a fan.

“Marlboro Man, who has never been a fan of pecan pie, took one bite and said, ‘Never stop making this,'” Drummond explained.

“I love it when he says things like that.”

The Pioneer Woman star revealed the key to her Ladd-approved pie, and it all comes down to texture.

She explained, “One of the things I’ve always done with my pecan pies is finely chop the pecans.”

“Those who enjoy the appearance of toasted pecan halves all over the top may consider this sacrilege.

“However, pecan halves irritate me!”

When it comes to serving the pie, the Pioneer Woman star says that finely chopped nuts make a difference.

“The big, bulky pecan halves get pushed into the perfect filling, making it difficult to get nice, even, neat pieces when you cut into the pie,” she wrote.

“I’ve discovered that chopping the pecans makes all the difference, resulting in a nice, crunchy pie with flavor to rock your world.”

Drummond prepares her pie crust by rolling it out and placing it in a pie pan.

The pecans are then finely chopped and poured into the crust’s bottom.

Sugar, brown sugar, salt, corn syrup, melted butter, eggs, and vanilla are mixed together in a bowl for…

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