Review of Disney Plus’s Home Sweet Home Alone: Grumpy, bitter, and viciously unfunny.


Review of Disney Plus’s Home Sweet Home Alone: Grumpy, bitter, and viciously unfunny

Despite some wink-wink nods to the original, Dan Mazer’s sixth film in the franchise is also the worst.

In Home Sweet Home Alone, the sixth in the franchise and also the worst, the downtrodden middle-classes are the unexpected villains.

Instead of a cute kid and some psychotic burglars, we have a horrible kid who likes to steal from church raffles and make homophobic jokes about men with dolls, versus a good-natured couple who is driven to festive theft after the bigot child steals one of their (rare and valuable) dolls in order to save their family home.

Even as he shot adults in the groin with a BB gun, the original film managed to make audiences root for Kevin.

There’s no one to cheer for in this town.

The plot is a tad too convoluted.

Because Jeff (Rob Delaney) has lost his job, Jeff and Pam (Ellie Kemper) must sell their home.

They’re concealing this from their own children with a ruse that makes it appear as if they’re running but only limps.

Max (Archie Yates, Jojo Rabbit) stops by one of their secret open houses with his mother to use the restroom and makes that joke about the dolls, before realizing their value and swiping one and selling it on eBay.

When Jeff and Pam realize what’s happened, they set out to find him and reclaim the doll.

Max falls asleep in the swanky BMW locked up in the garage at home, and his mother (Irish comedian Aisling Bea, who pulls off the English accent that shocked fans in the trailer) and all their extended relatives forget about him when they leave for a vacation in Japan the next morning.

You’d think that with Sacha Baron Cohen’s right-hand man, Dan Mazer, directing and Saturday Night Live writers Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell writing, the fart jokes would be expected, but not the racist ones (targets include Japan and Germany) or the fat-shaming of poor Delaney.

There are plenty of nudge-nudge-wink-wink nods to the original, including the (always stirring, no matter how bad the film) rendition of “Oh Holy Night,” as well as some updates: Max searches for “booby traps” on his home smart device only to be told that he is too young.

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Review of Disney Plus’s Home Sweet Home Alone: Grumpy, bitter, and viciously unfunny

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Home Sweet Home Alone, Disney Plus, review: Grumpy, bitter and viciously unfunny

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