‘RHOSLC’: Lisa Barlow Reacts to Heather Gay’s ‘Get Her’ Remark: ‘You Have Issues’


‘RHOSLC’: Lisa Barlow Reacts to Heather Gay’s ‘Get Her’ Remark: ‘You Have Issues’

In the month of January,

Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow got into a heated argument on episode 9 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, which nearly turned physical.

Heather Gay admitted that her first thought while watching the fight was for Shah to “get her.” Barlow later responded to the tweet, prompting a clapback from Shah, who defended her friend’s comments.

Heather Gay appeared on The Wendy Williams Show a few days after the explosive episode to talk about the season with Michael Rapaport, who was a guest host.

When asked about her first thoughts after witnessing the near-fight, she admitted that they were, “Get her, Jen.”

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Shah, according to the Housewife, tried to hold Barlow “accountable” for things she said in private and wanted the tequila brand owner to reveal her thoughts in front of the entire world.

Gay, on the other hand, believes the outburst occurred as a result of Barlow’s refusal to publicly admit certain things while Shah continued to “force the issue,” adding that she remained calm and didn’t intervene because it wasn’t her “beef.”

Following the interview, Barlow appeared to react to her co-star’s remarks.

Gay and Barlow, who have had their own drama since the beginning of the series, are on opposite sides of the fence, with Gay quickly supporting Shah after the indictment and Barlow taking longer.

“If you promote violence and say ‘get her,’ you’ve got issues,” the business owner subtweeted, adding the hashtag “not baby gorgeous” to a play on executive producer Andy Cohen’s “baby gorgeous” moniker.

Lisa, @heathergay29 wasn’t advocating for violence.

“Get her,” I said, referring to my exposing your double standards and lies.

Let’s roll some footage if you want to talk about promoting violence.

Who pushed who? Who said, “Come on, let’s go”…but keep going with the story, it’s cute.

Shah retweeted the tweet, tagging Gay and claiming that her friend didn’t “promote violence,” and that the Housewife’s remark was in response to Shah “calling you out on the double standard and lies.”

She then claimed that Barlow was the one who encouraged the fight, claiming that the owner of a tequila brand pushed her and encouraged her to fight,…

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