Richard Hammond reveals he was dragged face first through dog poo while filming Top Gear


RICHARD Hammond has revealed he was once dragged face first through dog poo while shooting Top Gear.

The 50-year-old presenter found himself covered in husky faeces during filming for the BBC show’s Polar Special in 2007.

As his co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May drove ahead in a pick-up truck, Richard travelled across the ice on a dog sled and was left trailing behind after falling off the back of it.

He said: “Actually I fell off the back of it. I was practising and basically I fell of the back.

“I thought, ‘Well I’ll die out here on the ice, so I must so something,’ and the end of one of the long whips was trailing behind the sledge. So I caught the end of it and looped it around my wrist.

“I thought, ‘Well this is uncomfortable but as least I’m still with the sledge being pulled behind it on my face.'”

The TV star added: “And then I realised yes, I was pulled through a bunch of dog poo.”

It certainly isn’t the first time Richard has found himself in a tricky situation during filming.

Last year, The Grand Tour star and his colleagues Jeremy and James were hit by a monsoon in Vietnam as they rowed one of the world’s most treacherous seas — where four people had just perished.

James had to be rescued when his boat was flooded by crashing waves, so producers pulled them out of the stunt.

The drama came as the trio tried to cross part of the South China Sea in monsoon season.

Sun columnist Jeremy said: “It transpired four people were killed an inch away from us. It’s about the only time health and safety has made the correct decision.”

“I, of course, was fine, but May had to abandon ship as crew boats were filling with water.”

The incident came two years after Richard had to be airlifted to hospital after crashing an electric car in Switzerland and in 2006 he suffered life-threatening head injuries and brain damage after a 288mph crash.


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