Richard Madden, star of Marvel’s ‘Eternals,’ aided one of his co-stars in landing a key role in the film.


Richard Madden, star of Marvel’s ‘Eternals,’ aided one of his co-stars in landing a key role in the film.

Richard Madden, the star of The Eternals, appears to be a great friend to have.

In the most recent Phase 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe film, the actor who plays Ikaris made his Marvel debut alongside nine other actors.

Madden also had a hand in casting an important role in the film, according to the Eternals director.

Eternals director Chloe Zhao spoke with Elle about the Marvel film’s casting process.

Richard Madden reportedly assisted in the casting of another Eternals character, according to her.

“I always try to see if there’s someone from their life that I can bring in when I cast someone,” she explained, “and that’s how I cast Nomadland.”

“For Sersi, for example, we searched, we’d auditioned so many women, and we couldn’t make a decision,” Zhao continued.

Then Richard said, ‘Oh, have you read my friend, Gemma Chan?’ I thought to myself, ‘Wow, they’d been friends for so long.’

That’s Sersi and Ikaris.’

As a result, we brought Gemma in to read to her alone as well as with Richard.

‘Wow, that’s our Sersi,’ we all say at the same time.”

And this wasn’t Chan’s first appearance in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

The actress had a small role in Captain Marvel previously.

Chan was the main character this time around in Eternals, and she owes a lot of that to Richard Madden.

This cast can be seen in Marvel Studios’ (hashtag)Eternals, which is currently in theaters!

Tickets can be purchased at https:t.cozCpW4ecVMppic.twitter.comvwGH6PzScE

Richard Madden and Gemma Chan, stars of Eternals, have been friends for a long time, according to Entertainment Weekly.

They had not, however, acted together until the Marvel film.

“We just ended up spending a lot of time together,” Madden explained.

I think we ended up not having jobs at the same time, which helped, because it was like, ‘Oh, great, you’re not working, either.’ [Laughs] And we never ever talked about work! So it’s funny that we ended up working together after never really acknowledging each other in the industry or talking about work.”

“I’m over the moon,” Madden said when asked about his reaction to working with his friend.

I mean, we’ve been friends for over a decade, so if you’re going…

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