Robert Pattinson’s Sister Played a Minor Role in ‘Twilight’


Robert Pattinson’s Sister Played a Minor Role in ‘Twilight’

Robert Pattinson has acted in a wide range of films, ranging from indie dramas to big-budget teen romances.

With a role in the Harry Potter film franchise in the early 2000s, the English actor began his career.

However, after landing the lead role in the Twilight series, the now 35-year-old shot to international fame.

Pattinson quickly became a pop culture icon as vampire Edward Cullen.

He’s back in the spotlight these days, playing Bruce Wayne in a new DC film, after a few years of independent projects.

Pattinson isn’t the only performer in his family, though.

In fact, his sister played an unexpected role in the film Twilight.

After their chemistry test, Kristen Stewart knew Robert Pattinson would get the lead role in (hashtag)Twilight.https:t.co28VOhasXPC

Pattinson, who was born in England in 1986, has always wanted to be an actor.

As a teenager, he began acting in a London theater club.

He had fully transitioned to a film career by the early 2000s.

Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was his first major role.

While Pattinson gradually gained popularity among fans, it wasn’t until a few years later that he landed the role that would forever change the course of his life: Edward Cullen in Twilight.

Following the success of the blockbuster film, he went on to star in two more films, bringing him even more recognition.

Pattinson re-defined his career path after the Twilight franchise’s success.

Cosmopolis, The Rover, The Lost City of Z, and Good Time are just a few of the dramatic films in which he appeared.

Pattinson will play Bruce WayneBatman in the DC film The Batman in 2022, which is likely to be his most important film to date.

While Pattinson may have had the most prominent role in the Twilight series, another member of his family had an unexpected role in the first film.

According to Looper, Elizabeth Pattinson, Edward’s older sister, can be heard singing “Who Are They” during the scene in Twilight when Edward enters the cafeteria.

Elizabeth’s face, credited as “Lizzy,” may not have appeared onscreen in an acting role during the cameo.

It was, however, a lovely way for her to demonstrate her vocal abilities.

Why is that?

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