Rose McIver’s ‘iZombie’ Preparation for ‘Ghosts’


Rose McIver’s ‘iZombie’ Preparation for ‘Ghosts’

Rose McIver isn’t afraid of the dead.

On CBS’s new comedy Ghosts, she’s killing it.

She also gives iZombie credit for assisting her in her preparation for the part.

McIver plays Liv Moore, a medical examiner who transforms into a zombie, in the CW supernatural series iZombie.

Liv discovers that she has a taste for brains.

When Liv eats them, she takes on the deceased’s personality traits. Rahul, Liv’s boss, friend, and confidant, is played by Ravi Chakrabarti.

McIver’s most well-known role is credited to the series, which premiered in 2015.

It aired for five seasons before being canceled in 2019.

Without each other, we couldn’t do it.

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Utkarsh Ambudkar of CBS’s “Ghosts” Admits He Has Trouble Ignoring His Co-Stars

Samantha and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) are a young couple who inherit a haunted house in McIver’s new series, Ghosts.

Samantha dies for three minutes after taking a tumble down the stairwell.

She returns home after a two-week coma and discovers she can see and hear ghosts.

Ghosts is a supernatural show, similar to iZombie.

McIver recently joked with Collider that she doesn’t think she’ll ever do another show about the living.

“I’m beginning to doubt that I’ll ever see another show without undead characters.”

The actress also discussed her time on the show iZombie.

She also stated that it had an impact on her performance on Ghosts.

We can attest to the fact that the bonds you form with your characters are very real.

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“When you’re acting to people who visually appear or don’t appear to be there, there are a lot of technical components,” McIver explained.

“With iZombie, we had divisions and all of the ins and outs.”

“Technically, it really helped me prepare for this, which is quite complicated on set.”

“We’ve dealt with ghosts and without ghosts, as well as various clusters scattered throughout the room,” she continued.

“It’s definitely made me more of a technical actor than I would have been otherwise.”

iZombie and Ghosts share more than just the undead.

Characters are at the center of both shows.

And they all have lighthearted, humorous moments.

And then there was…

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