Sam Faiers’ fans defend her after she’s branded ‘selfish’ for visiting Spain with her kids amid the coronavirus pandemic


SAM Faiers’ fans have jumped to her defence after she jetted to Spain with her two children during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sam, her boyfriend Paul Knightley and their kids flew to Marbella last week to enjoy a family holiday together in the Med.

But in the wake of the Government changing its quarantine rules on people returning from Spain, the former Towie star has now been branded “selfish” by some critics.

Mainland Spain has seen an increase in Covid-19 cases, meaning anyone coming into the UK will now be ordered to isolate for 14 days.

Writing on Sam’s Instagram under a photograph of her son Paul, four, eating watermelon, one follower said: “Hope your selfish trip was worth your 2 week return of quarantine & a virus you do not know if you have caught or will spread. Selfish citizen in such precarious me me.”

Another Instagram user rambled: “Omg are they in Spain, there’s saying that there another virus in Spain all due to British travelling out there.

“Ppl are in isolation out there already and any British travelling have to isolate for two weeks when they return wtf why have these ppl gone out there and with kids anywhere abroad red flags it’s caused a big problem [sic].”

Paul Snr’s mum Gaynor, meanwhile, commented on the snap of her grandson, writing: “Love of my life 😍 I can’t wait to see you ❤️.”

However, one Instagrammer shot back: “You won’t be able to. They have to self Isolate for 14 days when they get back.”

Sam’s fans have since jumped to the star’s defence, with many complimenting her on her gorgeous holiday snaps.

Addressing a critic, one also blasted: “Wow. If you don’t like what she’s doing why follow/comment on it?

“Instead of trolling, go and install a spell check. That is a much better use of your time and you don’t instill your vile opinions on people who don’t deserve them.”

Another said: “Sorry what’s it any of your business what she does with her family. If you don’t like what she does unfollow her it’s simple.”

Meanwhile, 29-year-old Sam has turned heads during her Spanish holiday thanks to a white swimsuit.

The mum-of-two showed off her figure while strolling along the beach in the one-piece before enjoying a dip in the water.

She has since told fans on Instagram: “Our unplanned trip turned out so good.”


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