Savannah Guthrie, how old is she, and how many children does she have?


Savannah Guthrie, how old is she, and how many children does she have?

Since 2012, Savannah Guthrie has been the morning show’s consistent anchor.

Whether she’s speaking with a politician or a celebrity chef, the TV personality demonstrates that she’s up for any challenge.

So, what will Savannah Guthrie’s age be in 2021? Here’s what we know so far, as well as information on her children.

Many fans of the morning show host may be surprised to learn that Guthrie was born in Melbourne, Australia, rather than the United States; the journalist will celebrate her 50th birthday in December 2021.

Guthrie was born in Australia, but she grew up in Arizona, and she told Parade that there are days when she reminds herself that she’s the kid from Arizona who had big dreams that came true: “I grew up watching Today.”

“Every week, I still have a moment when I walk into work and can’t believe I’m the anchor.”

Savannah from Tucson? What happened?”

Guthrie married Michael Feldman, a former political adviser and media consultant, in 2014.

In the same year, she became a mother for the first time at the age of 42, with the birth of her daughter Vale.

In 2016, her son Charley arrived.

Guthrie enjoyed having children later in life after starting a family in her 40s.

“I definitely have a good head on my shoulders, I can prioritize,” Guthrie told People. “I think there’s a luxury to feel calm enough and not to feel the same pressures as in your 20s and 30s, when you’re really trying to make your career happen.”

“Now I can really enjoy our kids and take my time… We’re so lucky to have each other.”

Years of preparation went into Guthrie’s eventual role as co-anchor on the morning show.

Despite this, the journalist appears to have a plan in place, having earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Arizona in 1993 and a master’s degree in law from Georgetown University Law Center in 2002.

Guthrie spent the rest of her career in local news, reporting for network affiliates in Missouri, Arizona, and Washington, DC. She also worked for Court TV (now truTV), covering high-profile cases.

She began her career at NBC News as a legal correspondent in 2007, and a year later, she was promoted to White House correspondent.

Following on from co-hosting Today’s third…

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