Season 3 of ‘Bob Hearts Abishola,’ Episode 11: Bob Reveals Morenike’s Secret, And Her Nigerian Family Is Not Happy


Season 3 of ‘Bob Hearts Abishola’: In Episode 11, Bob Reveals Morenike’s Secret, And Her Nigerian Family Is Not Happy

The CBS sitcom Bob Hearts Abishola Season 3, Episode 11, “Cats in a Bathtub,” sounds like it’ll be packed with drama.

Bob Wheeler (Billy Gardell) accidentally revealing Morenike’s (Tori Danner) secret about being gay, according to the official description for the Bob Hearts Abishola episode.

Her Nigerian family, however, does not appear to be pleased.

In addition, Douglas (Matt Jones) finds himself confessing something to Olivia (Edy Ganem), his new potential love interest.

Everything you need to know about the episode is listed below.

In several ways, Season 3 of Bob Hearts Abishola has led up to this point.

When they told Abishola (Folake Olowofoyeku) and Kemi (Gina Yashere) that Tori Danner’s Morenike was gay, they decided to keep it a secret.

“When Bob inadvertently reveals Morenike’s sexual orientation, Abishola and Kemi are forced to defend her against their church and even their own families.

Also, Douglas tells Olivia that he isn’t poor,” according to Futon Critic.

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“It’s all about authenticity for me,” Kemi co-creator Gina Yashere told TVLine.

“Because half of our cast is Nigerian, we wanted to tell a story about something that affects a lot of Nigerians, both inside and outside the country.”

Abishola and Kemi encouraged Morenike to hide her sexuality because of how her elders would react in season 3, episode 7, “Fumble in the Dark.”

“We wanted to make it real, but we didn’t want to alienate the audience,” Yashere explained.

“It’s a delicate balancing act.”

We also wanted to show that, despite the fact that Abishola’s actions are completely wrong, she is attempting to protect Morenike.”

When the truth is finally revealed (albeit by Bob by accident), Abishola and Kemi are faced with a decision.

They support Morenike, according to the Bob Hearts Abishola Season 3, Episode 11 description.

However, the cast may become divided between those who support Morenike and those who are opposed to her.

Elders such as Abishola’s mother, Ebun (Saidah Arrika Ekulona), and Chuey’s mother, Ogechi (Kimberly Scott), may betray them.

However, not every character’s position on the subject is as straightforward to predict.

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