Shaquille O’Neal Says He Was Turned Down for a Major Film Role


Shaquille O’Neal Says He Was Turned Down For A Major Film Role

Shaquille O’Neal has appeared in a number of television shows and films over the years.

The NBA legend, on the other hand, recently revealed a time when he turned down a major movie role that could have changed his life forever.

On the Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast, O’Neal was asked about the one role he passed up.

According to the New York Post, O’Neal said, “That was my role in ‘Green Mile.'”

He was then asked why he turned down the role, to which he replied, “I turned it down.”

He explained, “I didn’t want to play the down-South African-American guy during slavery.”

“I didn’t want to be in that part.”

However, Michael Clarke Duncan, who played it, did a fantastic job.

I believe I made the right decision because he performed far better than I could have, but I was offered the part.”

Clarke Duncan co-starred alongside Tom Hanks in the 1999 film The Green Mile.

The film was so well received that it received several Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor (Clarke Duncan).

The award went to Michael Caine for The Cider House Rules, and the actor, who died in 2012, didn’t win.

O’Neal had already appeared in a number of films by the time The Green Mile came out, including Kazamm, Blue Chips, and the superhero film Steel.

O’Neal went on to star in movies like Uncle Drew, What Men Want, and Hubie Halloween after retiring from the NBA.

He’ll also appear in the upcoming film Jackass Forever.

O’Neal recently spoke with about the reboot of Steel, which is part of the DC Universe.

“Well, it’s me if you look at the Steel character,” O’Neal told PopCulture.

“It’s all about me, John Henry Irons.”

I would have liked to have had those Iron Man effects when we did the movie, but nah, we did the movie in the early ’90s, and technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now, but I would love to be able to do a reshoot of that.” O’Neal has also appeared on television shows such as The Bernie Mac Show, The Tracy Morgan Show, Fresh Off the Boat, and Southland.

Shaquille O’Neal Reveals He Turned Down Major Movie Role

Shaquille O’Neal Reveals He Turned Down Major Movie Role

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