Sideshow Has Revealed President Loki Hot Toys Figure With Alligator Loki


Sideshow Has Revealed The President Loki Hot Toys Figure With Alligator Loki

On Thursday, Hot Toys and Sideshow unveiled a new sixth scale figure of President Loki, which was greeted with delight by Loki fans.

President Loki is a popular Marvel Comics version of the God of Mischief who made his live-action debut earlier this year when Tom Hiddleston portrayed a variant of his long-running MCU character on the Loki series.

The new figure is based on the live-action President Loki and comes with a fantastic accessory: Alligator Loki.

There will be two versions of the figure available next year, each with a different set of accessories.

Sideshow’s description for the figure reads, “Exquisitely crafted and hand painted based on Tom Hiddleston’s screen appearance as President Loki in the series.”

“This figure includes a newly developed head sculpt with Loki’s horned helmet, an expertly tailored and weathered suit (with election campaign pin), a pair of daggers, a cane, and a specially designed lenticular display backdrop with lenticular effect, as well as a themed figure stand.”

That isn’t all, though.

President Loki is joined by a Variant ally, none other than Alligator Loki, a fan favorite!”

The figure joins a Loki figure and a Sylvie figure in a line of Loki figures.

In the photo below, you can see President Loki in action!

The full list of accessories included in the standard edition of the President Loki figure can be found below!

Alligator Loki’s articulated head is a great selling point.

Check out the sixth-scale version of the good gator boy below!

Pre-orders for the President Loki figure are now open on Sideshow’s official page, which also includes additional photos of the figure.

The cost is (dollar)285.

There is no release date yet, but it will not be available in 2021, so if you’re looking for a holiday gift, wait until 2022.

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President Loki Hot Toys Figure With Alligator Loki Revealed By Sideshow

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