Sierra Teller Ornelas, co-creator of Rutherford Falls, shares her favorite indigenous artists.


Sierra Teller Ornelas, co-creator of Rutherford Falls, shares her favorite indigenous artists.

Sierra Teller Ornelas, co-creator and showrunner of Rutherford Falls, reflects on the show’s past as she looks forward to its future.

Reservation Dogs alum Dallas Goldtooth will play Nelson, a new museum curator, and Letterkenny star Kaniehtiio Horn will play gym owner Feather in the critically acclaimed comedy series, which is now streaming on Peacock.

In addition, comedian Dash Turner and Girls5eva screenwriter Azie Dungey have joined the writing team.

This November, the cast and crew of Rutherford Falls spotlighted a special guide to Indigenous artists and creators across the United States in honor of Native American and Indigenous Peoples’ Heritage Month.

“I’m really proud to show Native people portrayed not only authentically, but in a way that audiences haven’t seen before,” executive producer Ornelas said exclusively.

“You never really see characters like Reagan (Jana Schmieding) and Terry (Michael Greyeres) in the mainstream…To be able to blend my two worlds together has been a dream come true.”

With six Native writers on staff, including co-creator and executive producer Ornelas, Schmieding, Tai Leclaire, Tazbah Chavez, Dash Turner, and Azie Dungey, Rutherford Falls has one of the largest Indigenous writer’s rooms on television.

The series’ use of Indigenous music was even mentioned by lead actor Ed Helms.

“The Halluci Nation collaborated on the show’s theme music as well as the entire score, and they’re just an incredible Indigenous hip hop DJ collaboration,” the Office alum gushed.

According to Ornelas, the series is “proud” to represent Indigenous culture in all of its forms.

The Rutherford Falls team chose their favorite artists today, ranging from authors Tommy Pico and Nick Estes to fashion designers Bethany Yellowtail and Jamie Okuma.

(The NBCUniversal family includes both E! and Peacock.)

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