So far in 2021, BTS has made an incredible amount of money from advertisements.


So far in 2021, BTS has made an incredible amount of money from advertisements.

Many entertainers have been battling the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic this year.

Fortunately for BTS, the year 2021 is shaping up to be one of the group’s most successful yet.

BTS members were also able to add a significant amount of money to their bank accounts.

BTS has made a lot of money from advertising alone, according to a recent report.

BTS and other musicians can make a lot of money by selling albums and performing live.

Furthermore, because of their fame, they are paid well to promote brands.

After all, anything the BTS members touch is known to sell out quickly or become extremely popular.

Many well-known companies are interested in partnering with BTS.

Samsung, Hyundai, Fila, Louis Vuitton, and Baskin Robbins are among the companies with whom the group has collaborated in recent years.

However, working with BTS is not inexpensive.

Companies frequently pay BTS (dollar)2.69 million to (dollar)4.48 million for domestic advertisements alone, according to The Korea Times.

Coldplay recently demonstrated that they have no patience for those who despise BTS’s efforts.

BTS did commercials for Fila, Samsung, Hyundai, and Kloud, a Korean beer brand, all in 2021.

McDonald’s might have been their most popular partnership.

In the spring and summer, BTS teamed up with McDonald’s to release a limited-edition “BTS Meal,” which drew fans from all over the world, with some even selling the meal’s special sauce on eBay.

BTS made (dollar)8.89 million solely from the McDonald’s partnership, according to reports.

When the McDonald’s partnership was combined with other advertisements BTS did, the group brought in around (dollar)55 million, according to South Korea’s Entertainment Weekly Live show.

BTS is also the South Korean celebrity with the highest advertising earnings.

BTS Reveals Who in the Group Spends the Most Money on Clothes

However, BTS isn’t just for fun.

The company is also a major source of revenue for South Korea.

Many people around the world are becoming interested in South Korean culture and language as a result of BTS, which has resulted in an influx of tourists to the East Asian country.

“An estimated 800,000 tourists reportedly chose South Korea as their travel destination because of BTS Their popularity also boosted the appeal of South Korean…,” Business Insider reported in 2019.

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