So you will celebrate Sant Jordi on the 23rd of July: signatures arranged in advance and limited stops


The proposal of the book sector and the Guild of Florists to celebrate Sant Jordi on July 23, after discontinuing the Day of April 23, for the coronavirus, provides for limited stops and book signings and pre-organised to comply with the occupational safety and health measures.

So what explained the president of the Association of Publishers in Catalan Language, Montse Ayats, in an interview on Rac1 in which he reported that the proposal is pending to be approved by the Procicat and the corresponding councils. In Barcelona you have planned to install about a thousand stops, which will need the approval of the city Commission of events; Ayats defended the proposal of the sector respects all the norms of prevention.

“To avoid the effect called” and the crowds, the proposal for the celebration of the Day of the Book and of the Rose of the sector for this year provides that only the professionals can mount a stop: they can’t do it associations, private individuals or political parties. This prevents overruns and will be able to “take care of authors” who participate in the firms, which are asked to organize in advance, and calculating before how many people will attend to arrange times and spaces. “The booksellers and publishers who want to sign the best you can do is to agree with the people that you want to go”, in order to know how many people will go to the appointment and be able to organize, said Ayats.

In addition, to regulate the queues, and the movement between stops, for securing a maximum space: “What is certain is that there will be no stops 40 metres”. All visitors should go with a mask, to respect the distance of 1.5 meters and follow the signs about safety and hygiene that give the organization. .


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