‘Squid Game’ Debuts at No. 1 for the First Time


The ‘Squid Game’ has finally been knocked off the top spot.

Squid Game was finally knocked off the top streaming spot after a few weeks, and it was by another Netflix original series.

According to Deadline, You dethroned Squid Game as the number one streaming game in the United States.

During the week of October, you were observed for 2.7 million minutes.

Squid Game received more than double the amount of votes (18-24).

Squid Game, on the other hand, is still the most popular Netflix original.

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama about a group of people who have been invited to participate in a series of deadly challenges based on children’s games.

The participants are all from low-income communities, and the masked game organizers have enticed them to risk their lives in exchange for the chance to win unimaginable wealth.

The plot essentially boils down to a dark and ominous portrayal of class disparity, with the players willing to die — or even kill — for a chance to improve their lives through access to more money.

The show has been a hit with Netflix subscribers and has spawned a slew of social media memes in recent months.

Penn Badgley, who starred in Gossip Girl, plays Joe Goldberg, a man with a dark past and an obsessive personality, in the film You.

Joe and his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) are navigating suburban life with their new baby Henry in Season 3 of the drama-thriller, which just premiered on Netflix.

Things quickly take a sinister turn, forcing the troubled couple to fight for their marriage.

“I am the least forgiving person in the world with Joe,” Badgley said in a recent interview with InStyle, comparing Joe to “a person with deep narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy.”

He isn’t a good father, but the ways in which he is attempting to be one are universal, in my opinion.

His fear is probably universal, but the way he handles it is obviously terrible.”

Badgley went on to say that “the audience actually brings a lot to him,” and that Joe’s “emotional sobriety” is a myth.

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‘Squid Game’ Finally Knocked off No. 1 Streaming Spot by Another Netflix Original Series

‘Squid Game’ Finally Knocked off No. 1 Streaming Spot by Another Netflix Original Series

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