Stacey Solomon gets last bath in before partner Joe Swash jets off leaving her alone with the three boys


STACEY Solomon has made the most of her last night with partner Joe Swash before he heads off on a mysterious project.

The Loose Women presenter, 30, ran herself a relaxing bath as Joe put their son Rex, 1, to bed.

The celebrity couple didn’t reveal too much about the project other than he was off for a week with his “big pickle”, his oldest son Harry, 12, with ex-fianceé Emma Sophocleous.

She first cuddled up with Rex and Joe on the couch and joked “good riddance to bad rubbish”.

But Joe called her out saying, “she’ll be crying in a few days, ‘where’s my Joe?’.

“Mark my words,” he added.

While Stacey said she wouldn’t cry over him, she admitted in the story caption, “to be fair to him, he’s right”.

As Joe then got in as many cuddles as possible with Rex before heading off, Stacey knew it was the perfect time to get a bath in.

She poured herself a Diet Coke into a fancy glass and took it into the bathroom, which she decorated with two candle terrariums, a bath bomb and some indoor plants in white pots.

“Won’t be able to do this again until he’s back at the end of next week. So seizing the day,” Stacey explained on Insta story.

She then shared a gorgeous family photo of her with Joe, Rex and her two sons from previous relationships, Zachary, 12, and Leighton, seven.

Clearly, feeling sentimental she wrote: “My heart… have the best time daddy, we love you to the moon and back. And we miss you already.”

Stacey’s last post for the evening showed her and Joe holding hands in bed on what was movie night for the couple.

She sent her fans an inspirational message.

Stacey wrote: “It’s a movie night for us before the boys head off…

“Goodnight everyone, I hope you’re all ok this evening.

“Even if it doesn’t always feel like it. You’re doing an amazing job.

“Keep going. We’ve got this. Love you all.”

The TV favourite is regularly forced to hit back at trolls for sharing details of her family life, including one earlier this month who slammed 14-month-old Rex’s “filthy” clothes.

However, she isn’t always able to brush the cruel comments off, and last month told followers that she was logging off social media for the day after receiving nasty messages.

Stacey was supported by Joe on her down day, with the popular star saying of her partner: “He grabbed me a Maccy D’s and reminded me of who the important people are and reminded me of how hard and sad some people’s lives must be to be so cruel.

“I really do feel sorry for cruel people. Because I wouldn’t want to live a life with those thoughts it must be awful.”


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