Stacey Solomon quits social media again as cruel trolls slam her ’embarrassing’ stories


STACEY Solomon has sworn off social media for the entire weekend after cruel trolls slammed her “embarrassing” stories.

The 30-year-old will spend a few days offline with her sons as she takes a step back from her day job.

It comes after she shared a glimpse at the daily vile messages she receives from followers.

But always keen to spread joy and optimism, Stacey shared a video of herself dancing as she mopped the floor and wrote: “There will always be somebody out there who will make you feel silly, embarrassed of yourself or like you’re not normal.

“For a moment, they might even make you believe it. But do not give them that power.

“Maybe in some people’s opinions you are all of those things and more. You can’t be everybody’s cup of tea.

“But never compromise who you are.”

Then this morning, Stacey revealed: “I’m going to be off my stories this weekend because there’s a big pokemon weekend.

“The boys are so so so excited so no time for videos. I’ll just be hunting pokemon.

“Love you all to the moon and back. See you Monday.”

Stacey never backs down to trolls and often shames them in front of her 3.6million followers.

This week she revealed horrible messages sent to her DMs from one follower called Mark.

Mark appeared to reply to every one of Stacey’s morning videos that featured the song Good Morning, Good Morning, with messages including: “FFS get a life and change the record.”

“FFS you are a boring person playing that song all the time. Change the record.”

And: “Can you not think of any other song. Forgot you’re as thick as [email protected]$k blonde.”

Stacey captioned the post: “Sometimes I wake up and read your messages and land on just the right one to set me up for the day…

“Then I landed on Mark’s messages… Mark is REALLY hating my Good Morning stories.

“He just can’t take the song anymore and it’s cracking me up…”

Getting her own back, the mum-of-three defiantly posted a video of herself singing the song herself while cuddling up to her giggling son Rex.

Stacey added in the caption: “This one’s for you Mark… Good morning” alongside a white heart and crying-with-laughter emoji.


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