Stacey Solomon reveals her personal phone number has been leaked on Loose Women


STACEY Solomon revealed today that her phone number has been “leaked” – forcing her to get a new one.

The 30-year-old Loose Women panellist explained the drama led to an embarrassing accident involving her phone book.

She explained on the show today: “Yesterday, somehow, my phone number got leaked. I spent the entire day trying to get a new number.

“I finally got myself a new number and I sat down and thought: ‘I’ll text everybody to say: this is my new number’.

“I clicked the square box and said ‘send all’ to all my contacts. Turns out it formed a group chat of everybody in my phone book.

I panicked and thought ‘Oh my goodness, I cannot have a group chat with my dad and Jonathan Ross in the same chat.”

The star wailed: “I exited the group and thought ‘I’ll start again’ only to find out that just because I existed doesn’t mean the group disappears.

“It stays there. I couldn’t get back in.”

Stacey explained today that she’d had a terrible night’s sleep after her phone meltdown because boyfriend Joe Swash had gone off on holiday without her.

The 38-year-old Dancing On Ice star got up early to travel to Wales for a “special adventure” with his eldest son, Harry.


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