Steve Burns, star of Blue’s Clues, has just joined TikTok and is a little perplexed.


Steve Burns, star of Blue’s Clues, has just joined TikTok and is perplexed.

We might need to dig out our trusty notebook.

When Blue’s Clues star Steve Burns addressed his exit from the popular children’s show for its 25th anniversary in September, he nearly broke the Internet.

Steve is back in the hearts of millions a little more than two months later, and this time it’s because he joined TikTok.

The former TV host, who went by the handle @hioutthereitsmesteve on the platform, posted his first video on November.

15 and admitted that before figuring out how TikTok truly works, he might need to grab his thinking chair first.

He said, “Hello out there, it’s me Steve.”

“I’m clueless when it comes to TikTok.

I’m not sure what it is at all.

Thank you in advance if you could tell me what it is in the comments or something.”

Needless to say, Steve’s comment section wasn’t exactly full of tips on how to use the platform, but fans were ecstatic to see him join the TikTok universe.

“We just got a TikTok,” one fan wrote (and we’re singing along to).

We recently purchased a TikTok.

We just got a TikTok…I’m curious as to who it’s from!”

Steve may have used a few hints since then to post another TikTok, with his most recent video showing him nodding intently as he “listens” to his fans.

In November, he captioned the Nov.

“I’m just giving you the attention we both know you deserve,” says the 16th post.

Steve Burns: One TikTok at a Time, we’re healing our inner child.

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